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What is my engine's fuel-consumption?

In Liters per hour or US Gallons per hour - Please!

What's the good of telling me my fuel consumption is 183g/Kw hour, or worse still 0.41 lbs per horse power hour?

 Who understands that jargon?

I want to know how much fuel my engine consumes in real terms like in liters per hour or in US gallons per hour.

fuel consumption discussed
On fuel consumption, Fuel Conversion tables and usage charts

Cummins isx fuel consumption
Cummins ISX Fuel Consumption, click to view

Herschel Says we're a Very Valuable Resource

I can't say enough good about you all. 
You are a very valuable resource.

Thank you!

Waheeb renews his membership

Much appreciated your prompt reply.
I actually just renewed my subscription to your site, you've really got some good material.

Keep it up!

You got us out of a jam, says Lucid

I can't begin to explain how awesome your site is and how many times it got me out of a jam. 

Thank you again!

Saul says

I just signed up for your club and I'm VERY VERY impressed with the information you have ... Thank you and keep it up!

Simon says it's: everything that the was meant to be

A very warm 'thank you' from Simon

Thank You! I am signing up for your membership immediately.
I bought a nice "olde" 65 IH cab-over with a Cummins NH220 and am ecstatic that your forum has all the necessary information in one place.
Also a Detroit pusher motor home...Your forum is everything that the was meant to be.

Mike tells us just what he thinks of Barrington Diesel Club

I just joined for the year and downloaded a DT466 service manual that gives me EXACTLY what I was looking for!!

I'm EXCITED!! What a great concept!

International is so stingy with their information and here it all is.
I really appreciate it and look forward to learning a lot at your GREAT site.

Thanks again. Mike

Shane Desperate to find Perkins 903 engine specs

I am desperately trying to find the torque settings and routine for the head bolts of a Perkins , its a CP model , and its a 3 cylinder ... it appears to be near impossible to find them , even from DiPerk.
I really hope you can help me.

Perkins 903 engine specs
So we created a Perkins 903 specs page just for Shane

Fortunately we were able to help Shane with the specs he wanted and he wrote back:

I really want to thank you for your reply and help.
Without your help we would have really struggled , Thank You so very much . If its ok with you, I would love to hold on to your details for future help and queries .
Once again Thank You so much ,

Covid19 Lockdown South Africa 2020
Our Covid message (April 2020)
First and most of all, I want you, my friends and customers to still be with us when this is all over,
so let's bite the bullet and take this time to prepare our armor of PPE, common sense knowledge, social distancing and hygiene.
Let this lockdown be our first defense, the fortification we run to now that the Covid enemy threatens so many.
Be sure further defenses of prophylactics and vaccines will soon be to hand.
We know great minds are racing toward these goals, and toward a cure to blast the virus, right now!
To our leaders, here and worldwide, who are diverting huge resources and making fortunes available to help and protect us common people in this fight:
To our health workers and first responders, to all those dedicating their lives and time to help mankind:
We thank and salute you!

Link to the Government Gazette
Link to more government information

Springtime in South Africa now and we're in Covid lockdown level 2

Local Recovery period from Covid deemed to be 14 days

A number of my family and friends here did contract and (thankfully) recover from Covid.
T, one of my granddaughters was quite ill for a few days. She was sharing accommodation with her sister who did not get Covid. However both had to isolate for two weeks. After that T was told to go back to work, since she no longer had symptoms.
In level 2 lockdown we are allowed to have our hair cut. Now after so many months with no barbers allowed to cut hair, my hair grew quite long, so I went to my barber. In the meantime, may barber also had had, and had recovered from Covid. Actually I only visited him once I knew that tidbit of information, trusting that that somehow would be protection from him passing on Covid to me (he, my barber, being in the Covid firing line so to speak).
I have been checking the World-O-Meter stats every day, longing for the infection and recovery rates to improve, however stats fluctuate so widely, they must be called into question. Nevertheless I'll share what I see with you:
(World-O-Meter recovery rate = active cases/newly recovered)

The Recovery period from Covid in the USA Covid StatsUSA 65 days, but the world average is only 29 days according to the latest World-O-Meter stats.

Better Covid News continues for India and Brazil!

USA breaks it's good run of more Covid recoveries than infections; but India and Brazil continue that trend!

Check out the tables below

South Africa destroys tons of illegally imported chloroquine!

Has SA's illegal trade in chloroquine contributed to South Africa's low Covid death rate?
Check out the article: 5 tons chloroquine destroyed!
The story seems to indicate:
Legal chloroquine is difficult to obtain in SA causing a massive illegal trade.
South Africans believe in the effectiveness of chloroquine and don't believe that they have currently have access to the right treatments or prophylactics to counter Covid.

It would be great if the reporting admin could also be improved:
For example, in the USA, the Grand Princess Ship still shows 100 people statically and chronically unrecovered since March this year!
Who is responsible for reporting on the recovery of people on this ship? World-O-Meter, California disease control? If the answer is nobody, then perhaps the World-O-Meter should just delete them.
Meaningless stats simply create a false narrative.

USA Covid Stats long unrecovered
Some of the USA examples of nonsense stats showing some unfortunates who were unable to recover from Covid for 5 months or more, between March and Sept 2020 - click to expand

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