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What is my engine's fuel-consumption?

In Liters per hour or US Gallons per hour - Please!

What's the good of telling me my fuel consumption is 183g/Kw hour, or worse still 0.41 lbs per horse power hour?

 Who understands that jargon?

I want to know how much fuel my engine consumes in real terms like in liters per hour or in US gallons per hour.

fuel consumption discussed

On Fuel Consumption, Fuel Conversion Tables and Usage Charts

Herschel says we're a very Valuable Resource

I can't say enough good about you all. 
You are a very valuable resource.

Thank you!

Waheeb renews his membership


Much appreciated your prompt reply.
I actually just renewed my subscription to your site, you've really got some good material.

Keep it up!

You got us out of a jam, says Lucid

I can't begin to explain how awesome your site is and how many times it got me out of a jam. 

Thank you again!

Major Gas Find

SA makes Major Gas Find

SA makes Major Gas Find near Mossel Bay

Total Oil announce a second large gas condensate discovery

Total announce a major new gas condensate discovery just 175 kilometers south of the South African coastline.
This falls just inside SA's territorial waters.

An estimated one billion barrel reserve was discovered.

TotalEnergies’ Block 11B/12B Expected to Contribute $457 Million to South Africa’s GDP

According to an article by EnergyCapital & Power on 6 October 2022, TotalEnergies filed for its production license application for Block 11B/12B on 5 September 2022.

The first phase of the supermajor’s deepwater field development is estimated to cost $2 billion.

First gas is expected in 2027.


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