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Cummins ISX engine - Fuel Consumption - amp

Welcome you're on our amp page - taking a look at fuel consumption on the Cummins ISX engine.

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A brief look at the Cummins ISX fuel consumption - amp

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QSX-15 engine
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EPA fuel consumption report shows Cummins ISX fuel consumption


EPA = United States Environmental Protection Agency | US EPA.

For now, we'll only look at the following example, QSX15-G
From: EPA executive order number 'u r-002-0415' Feel free to examine more cases.

EPA executive order 
number 'u r-002-0415' 
results for 
Cummins QSX15-G

Family = 7CEXL015.AAH
Code = 3087:FR10568
Model = Cummins QSX15-G

Max Power = 
600 hp @ 2100 rpm
Fuel Rate
mm/stroke at peak HP = 317
lbs/ hour at peak HP = 224.5

Max Torque = 
1425 lb.ft @ 1400 rpm
Fuel Rate
mm/stroke at max torque = 408
lbs/hour at max torque = 192.5

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What does it all mean?
For our purposes we need only use one value from the results, and that is the fuel rate at max power i.e. at 600 hp.

Max Power = 600 hp @ 2100 rpm
Fuel Rate lbs/ hour at peak HP = 224.5
Therefore = 224.5/600 = 0.37 lbs/hp hour.

Which is not too bad, and translates to somewhere between our naturally aspirated table and our turbo table for fuel consumption.

This means that the Cummins QSX15 uses around 30 US gallons per hour or 110 liters per hour at full power, and of course, correspondingly less for more relaxed use.

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