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Mitsubishi 4M50 manuals and specifications - amp

Welcome you're on our amp page providing Mitsubishi 4M50 engine Manuals, Specs and bolt torques

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Workshop manuals, specs and bolt torques for Mitsubishi 4M50 engines - amp

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Mitsubishi 4M50 Essential Diesel Engine Bolt Tightening Torques, as fitted to Fuso FE and FG trucks

Mitsubishi 4M50 Main cap bolt(lower crankcase installation)

Step 1 = 49 Nm, 36 lb.ft
Step 2 = +90 degrees

Mitsubishi 4M50 Connecting Rod Bolts

Step 1 = 29 Nm, 21 lb.ft
Step 2 = +90 degrees, ± 5 degrees

Mitsubishi 4M50 Cylinder head Bolts

Step 1 = 147 Nm, 110 lb.ft
Step 2 = +90 degrees

Mitsubishi 4M50 Cylinder Head torquing sequence - click to expand

Mitsubishi 4M50 Diesel Engine Manuals

Mistubishi 4M50 Workshop Manual, 305 pages, Click to download

Mitsubishi 4M50 Diesel Engine Specs


Mitsubishi 4M50 Engine Arrangement, Aspiration, Compression Ratio, Displacement, Bore and Stroke

In-line 4 cylinder engines

Compression ratio

4.899 liter

114.0 mm, 4.49 inch

120.0 mm, 4.72 inch

Mitsubishi 4M50 Engine Power, Torque

4M50-T7 Power
147 hp, 110 Kw @ 2700 rpm

4M50-T8 Power
175 hp, 131 Kw @ 2700 rpm

4M50-T7 Torque
469 Nm, 347 lb.ft @ 1600 rpm

4M50-T8 Torque
530 Nm, 391 lb.ft @ 1600 rpm

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