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Terms and Conditions
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Our website and/or all trading, repairs and sales undertaken by Barrington Diesel Club and/or Barrington Diesel

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Terms and Conditions of Barrington Diesel Club and Barrington Diesel

Scope of Terms and Conditions

Barrington Diesel Club's Terms and Conditions apply to anyone using or purchasing any goods or services from Barrington Diesel Club and Barrington Diesel or from anyone authorized to act on behalf of any of the aforementioned companies.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice however the terms and conditions applicable at any particular time are those published on our website at the time of transaction.

Terms & Conditions - Club & Website

Information and data provided

  1. Information is provided on this website, in good faith with the intention of being of service to our users.
    We take care to ensure data is accurate and virus free, and where data is subjective, or open to interpretation, we take care to give informed opinions but we do not guarantee any data is accurate or any downloads are virus free, and no liability for any errors or omissions of whatever nature is accepted by us or by anybody associated with us.

  2. All information taken or used from this site is to be double-checked, firstly by common sense & secondly by freely available data such as standard bolt toques.
    Follow the Golden Rule!

  3. Unless expressly stated otherwise, we reserve the right to publish correspondence of technical or of related human interest but nevertheless undertake not to reveal email addresses or the surnames or the company names of the correspondents.

  4. Using any of our services or by taking any information from this site implies acceptance of the terms & conditions.

The golden rule is  Double Check

  • Double check!

  • If you have other written sources, compare them.

  • If you do not have other written sources double-check with common sense.

    1. Compare any torques provided with Standard bolt torque specifications available from a good bolt & nut supplier, or

    2. When reason or gut feel says something does not seem right, take it further or figure it out, or get further help or advice.

    3. Never do anything that does not seem right at first, until you've checked and understand the reason behind what you are doing.

  • Any errors or supposed errors are to be reported by email to us, in order that they may be checked and corrected if necessary.

Terms & Conditions - Conditions of supply or service

  1. By using any of our services you agree to the terms & conditions listed.

  2. These terms and conditions apply as listed in the 'Scope of Terms and Conditions' described above.

  3. Any instance of supply constitutes a history of the use of and agreement to these terms and conditions.

  4. You agree to pay for goods or services rendered on or before the agreed date, or if this is not described, then by no later than 30 days after the month end following the date on which the goods or services were supplied. Any leniency given at any time does not constitute an accepted mode of payment by us or invalidate our payment terms or constitute a new agreement.

  5. The owners and/or directors of any company to whom we correctly supply goods and/or services accept(s) personal responsibility for any amounts outstanding.

Terms & Conditions - Warranties

  1. General
    Work is done or parts are supplied in good faith with the intention that they are of good quality and fit to be used as directed by the manufacturer or the appropriate manual(s) or by common sense or by common knowledge.

  2. Warranty Limits
    Warranties extend only to what is repaired and what is charged for, and that in any case may be further limited by other terms and conditions as described hereunder.

  3. Warranty Extensions
    It is suggested that if; extensions of a warranty's scope or period is required it be covered by an insurance policy at the client's insurance company and at the client's expense.

  4. Full Engine Overhauls
    Warranty for full engine or transmission overhauls extends to 6 months from the date of invoice or service, whichever is the sooner.

  5. Engine repairs
    Warranty for repairs to engines and transmissions is one month in duration.

  6. New parts and components
    Warranties for new parts or components supplied from our stock extends to 3 months from the date of invoice or service, whichever is the sooner.

  7. Used parts and components
    Warranties for used parts or components extends to 10 days from the date of invoice or service, whichever is the sooner.

  8. Labour supplied
    When the customer provides his own parts and uses our labour and/or equipment to effect repairs there is no warranty offered whatsoever. We do not give free reports on the failure of any third party part, component or workmanship. Any such time taken for investigations, disputes or arguments, must be paid for in advance.

  9. Warranty voided
    No warranty of any nature exists on goods or services not fully paid for.

  10. Warranty span
    Warranties are dated from the original invoice or service, and not from the date of any subsequent work done or parts supplied to correct the original work or faulty parts supplied.

  11. Claims procedure
    Any defects must be reported in writing with supporting evidence, eg. pictures and or statements, within one week of the defect being noticed, together with an address where the goods or services may be viewed or inspected. Reasonable access to us or our agents to view or inspect the reported failure must be granted.

  12. Exception to Terms and Conditions
    Any deviations to these warranties are not valid except if expressed in writing by us on the original invoice, quotation, or supporting documents.

  13. Warranty area
    Warranties begin and end at our workshops or working offices. No travelling, accommodation, or any consequential expenses of whatsoever nature form part of any warranty. Goods must either be returned to our premises or out of pocket expenses must be paid for in advance before any warranty work is undertaken or considered.

  14. Consequential damage or expenses
    No consequential damage or expenses of whatsoever nature form part of any warranty.

  15. Errors and omissions
    Errors and omissions are excepted from our documentation and writings.

  16. Grace or leniency
    Any grace or leniency shown, expressed or given, does not constitute a new agreement.

  17. Transfer of warranties
    Warranties are not transferable and extend only to the person or company invoiced.

  18. Warranties on goods or services outsourced or purchased out.
    Warranties, terms and conditions, for goods or services brought out extend to what may be obtained from that manufacturer or his agent and no warranty for such goods or services is therefore given directly by us.

  19. Scope of Warranties
    Warranties are limited in scope and value to 80% of the invoiced value. Goods not charged for, or parts not replaced by us which subsequently fail, do not form any part of our warranties.

  20. Delivery Dates, Taxes, Acts of God, Strikes, Riots, Currency fluctuations, etc.
    Delivery dates are estimates only. Deliveries in any case are given subject to the absence of unusual circumstances, like strikes, acts of God, government, municipal or legal interference, the supply and availability of parts or labour to do the job or supply the goods. Changes in taxes, governments, regulations, currency fluctuations etc. do not form part of any quoted price and are subject to corresponding extra charges. Deliveries form no part of any warranty.

  21. Our rights
    No warranty given may reduce our rights in terms of prevailing laws and circumstances.

  22. Client waivers
    No waiver required to gain access to do our work may reduce our rights in terms of our warranties, terms and conditions, and or of any prevailing laws and circumstances.

  23. Safety
    Safe working conditions are expected when doing field or site work. It is our right to exempt ourselves or staff from environments we consider unsafe. Equipment failures or accidents are the responsibility of the owners and/or employers of the equipment and/or the people or companies for whom we work whose environment forms part of the equipment or circumstances of the failure or accident. No waiver any of our staff signs to do any work or enter any premises can exempt those responsible.

  24. Client Responsibility
    It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure correct operating procedures and maintenance of his equipment. Fluid levels and filters are to be checked as required by the appropriate manuals and/or maintenance procedures. Oil leaks or minor defects are to be corrected by the customer or reported to us, in order to be corrected within the warranty period, subject to travel time, plus travelling and accommodation expenses being paid for by the customer.

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