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Oil Recommendations: 2-stroke and 4-stroke Detroit Diesel engines


Detroit Diesel Temperature Range

These recommendations apply within the normal ambient temperature range.

For extreme cold, that is at temperatures below -32 degreesC (-25 degreesF), the oil recommendations change.
Consult your oil supplier for further advice.

Detroit Diesel: Oil for 2-stroke and 4-stroke Engines

2-Stroke Engines
Use SAE 40 Mono grade oil

4-Stroke Engines
Use 15W-40 multigrade oil

There are no sulphated ash limits imposed for Detroit Diesel 4-cycle engines.

Detroit Diesel: Changing oil and filters

New Engines or newly overhauled engines

First oil and filter change:
After 50 hours of operation

Change oil every 150 hours
Change filters every 450 hours

Elements allowed in oil of Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engines


Detroit Diesel 2 stroke engines
Normal and max levels of allowable Elements in oil:

Chromium: normal 15  max 20
Copper: normal 15  max 25
Iron: normal 65   max 150
Lead: normal 20  max 25
Silicon: normal 35   max 40
Sodium: normal 0
Tin: normal 30   max 40

Excess levels of elements in the oil of 2 stroke engines indicate attention may be needed as follows:
Chromium: Check rings
Copper: Check Bushings, bearings, thrust washers
Iron: Check Liners, gears, camshafts
Lead: Check Bearing overlay material
Silicon: Check for Dust, air leaks
Sodium: Check for Internal water leaks
Tin: Check Piston plating

Trace elements in engine oil

Trace elements found by oil analysis in Detroit Diesel 2-stroke engines, are in some cases quite different from the normal ranges of elements found in 4-stroke cycle engines, therefore special mention of the 2-stroke ranges is made here.

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