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Popular Diesel Engine Specs

Volvo D2-75 manuals, specifications and bolt torques

Diesel engine manuals, specs, bolt torques
Useful information for owners and repairers of Volvo D2-75 engines at Barrington Diesel Club

D2-75 Essential Diesel Engine Bolt Tightening Torques

Main Bearing Bolts 
upper to lower bearing caps - 52 Nm
main bearing caps to cylinder block (hex bolts) - 52 Nm
rear cap (Allen bolt) - 27 Nm

Connecting Rod Bolts
52 Nm

Cylinder head Bolts
100 Nm

D2-75 Diesel Engine Specs

4 cylinder engine, 

2.2 liter, 134 CID

84 mm, 3.31 in

100 mm, 3.94 in

Compression ratio:

Crankshaft power 
55 kW, 75 hp @ 3000 rpm

Propshaft power 
53 kW, 72 hp @ 3000 rpm

Dimensions approx:
Refer to spec sheet

Weight approx:
Dry weight with reverse gear HS25A
264 kg, 582 lb

Dry weight with reverse gear MS25
258 kg, 569 lb

Dry weight with saildrive 130S/SR
264 kg, 582 lb

D2-75 Diesel Engine workshop repair Manuals and other literature

Volvo D2-55, D2-75 workshop manual p1
Volvo D2-55, D2-75 
workshop manual 
108 pages, Click image to download
Volvo D2-75 spec sheet p1
Volvo D2-75 
spec sheet 
2 pages, Click image to download

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