Volvo diesel engine manuals for electrics, electronics and utility items

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Volvo diesel engine manuals covering electrics, electronics and utility items

Diesel engine manuals, specs, bolt torques
Useful information for owners and repairers of Volvo engines at Barrington Diesel Club

Volvo General and Utility items, Trucks, Penta Boats

Volvo MID 128 engine control unit fault codes

Volvo Trucks Electrical Schematic VN VHD

Volvo Diesel Engine Service Topics

Volvo Service Bulletins D11F, D13F, D16F - List of Service Topics

212-18 Threads in the Engine Block, Cleaning
213-53 D11F Engine Brake
213-83 Cylinder Liner and Piston - Wear Check
214-56 Valve guide wear, Check
214-63 Valve Seat, Replacement (One)
215-41 Camshaft wear check
216-39 Flywheel ring gear replacement
216-45 Flywheel bearing replacement
233-23 Filter, water separator, replacement
237-56 Unit Injector, Clean
254-69 Particulate Filter Insert, Replacement
254-70 Particulate Filter Insert, Replacement - 2
255-56 Actuator, Variable Geometry Turbocharger, Replacement
258-26 Aftertreatment Injector, Replace
258-45 Exhaust Aftertreatment System Fault Tracing
258-50 Aftertreatment Injector, Clean 
258-52 NOX Sensor and Control Module (Vertical DPF), Replacement
258-53 NOX Sensor and Control Module (Compact DPF), Replacement
260-611 Cooling System, Clean 
260-612 Coolant Replacement 
262-03 D16F Thermostat Replacement 
265-24 Charge Air Cooler, Replacement
293-00 EGR Cooler, Pressure Test

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