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MAN D0834, D0836LE, D0836LF Essential Diesel Engine Bolt Tightening Torques


MAN D0834, D0836LE, D0836LF
Main Bearing Bolts

Initial torque 115 Nm
Angular torque 90-100 degrees

MAN D0834, D0836LE, D0836LF
Connecting Rod Bolts

Initial torque 50-60 Nm
Angular torque 90-100 degrees

MAN D0834, D0836LE, D0836LF
Cylinder Head Bolts

Step 1 = 10 Nm
Step 2 = 80 Nm
Step 3 = 150 Nm
Step 4 = 90 degrees
Step 5 = 90 degrees
Final stage = + 90 degrees

MAN D0834, D0836LE, D0836LF Diesel Engine Specs


MAN D0834 and D0836
Displacement, bore and stroke

MAN D0834
4.580 liter

MAN D0836
6.871 liter

108.0 mm

125 mm

MAN D0834 and D0836

Turbo, intercooled

MAN D0834
4 cylinder

MAN D0836
6 cylinder

MAN D0836

250 kW @ 2300 rpm

Genset 50 Hz
250-275 kVA

Genset 60 Hz
270-310 kVA

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