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Useful and utility items for Mercedes OM diesel engines

Diesel engine manuals, specs, bolt torques
Diesel Engine manuals and specifications at Barrington Diesel Club
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Popular Diesel Engine Specs

Model Designations, and ADE to Mercedes x-reference

OM engines Mercedes

German - English
A = Turbocharger = T
L = Intercooler = I
OM = Diesel engine = ADE

Mercedes to ADE
OM366 = ADE366N
OM366A = ADE366T
OM366LA = ADE366TI

click for OM utility items

Actros Trucks with engine data

actros 2648 2651 2655 2660 spec sheet, 2 pages, click to download

actros brochure p1
actros om501 om502 engine brochure, 4 pages, click to download

new actros brochure, 78 pages, click to download

new actros spec sheet image
new actros spec sheet with engine curves, 4 pages, click to download

Fault Codes for Mercedes Benz

Fault Codes for Mercedes Benz
Fault Codes for Mercedes Benz, 107 pages, click to download

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